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National lampoon: Obama's new campaign website ridiculed on twitter

Just one problem with Pres. Barack Obama's new website: it almost instantly became a punch line for Republicans and conservatives on Twitter.

Obama's re-election campaign recently launched "to challenge negative statements about the president made by Republican presidential candidates and conservatives," the Washington Post reports.

CBS News reported, "So far, the site seems to have been most effective at giving conservatives more ammunition against the president. … The Obama campaign has adopted the hash tag #attackwatch to organize its efforts on Twitter, but on Wednesday, the hash tag was largely being used by conservatives complaining about the new site. … Twitter user John Hayward tweets, 'Dear #AttackWatch: I just saw several people refuse to eat their peas. Do you have a SWAT team?' "

Some additional humorous #AttackWatch tweets, as highlighted by Wall Street Journal blogger Elizabeth Williamson:

@thorninaz: I saw someone purposely squeeze the Charmin in the grocery store

@Drill_Thrawl: Hey kids, are mommy and daddy talking bad about Obama? Be sure to report them at #attackwatch #1984

@jacarterlaw: please be advised that I just failed to recycle my sugary drink can, cut down a tree, bought a gun, and recited the pledge

@JLMandl: I'm still using REAL LIGHT BULBS. Come get me!

A prevalent complaint regarding is that it isn't seeking to correct misinformation about the president as much as squash any critique of Obama. In summing up the way the new website responded to criticisms from Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry and Mitt Romney about Obama's foreign policy with Israel, ABC News blogger Jake Tapper concluded, "In short, the 'Attack Watch' (webmaster) wasn't trying to stop smears, he or she was seeking to stop criticism."

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