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Recon develops heads up display for snow goggles

Recon Mod Live
Recon Mod Live
Recon Instruments

A new goggle technology from Recon Instruments gives skiers and snowboarders real-time access to altitude, speed and other measurements inside their eyewear.

Based in Vancouver, Recon Instruments provide you with real time immediate in dash visual displays. With an unobtrusive device that is placed in the side of the goggles, the MOD or MOD Live show you your altitude, temperature, distance, jump height and drop, speed and also tracks you via GPS. All of this data is shown right in the bottom corner of the goggles.

Proper eyewear on the slopes while skiing or snowboarding is essential. Whether you use them to make a style statement or for the designed functionality, snow goggles have evolved.

Recon Instruments announced this week partnerships with Smith and Scott goggles to have an American made brand goggle that can be offered to you. I used the goggles on two runs at the Outdoor Retailer All Mountain Demo at Solitude, averaging a speed of 26 mph through the run with a 13 foot drop off a cliff and 9 F degrees outside.

Having the display in front off you allows you to be fully aware of yourself and the mountain. Imagine being in a halfpipe and knowing exactly how high off the top of the lip you are, that is what Recon Instruments provides.

Tyler Tate is the Owner and Writer for T Squared Action Sports. Follow

Tyler Tate demos the new SCOTT goggles with Recon Mod Live technology at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2012