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Kahuna Creations brings surfing to land

Stand up paddleboarding is wildly popular and the fastest-growing trend in water sports. Unfortunately not everyone has the ability to get to the ocean or even the great lakes that can be found in Utah. But in winter time, the state is graced with the world's best powder ocean.

Kahuna Creations has created the Kahuna Big Stick and Snow Stick, a paddle used for paddleboarding on land. With different rubber bottoms for the paddles, you can skate the streets without having to get off and push your board or carve the snow with long turns.

The Big Sticks come in different styles, including an adjustable stick for different ages and heights.

The Big Sticks are available at

Tyler Tate is the owner and writer of T Squared Action Sports. Follow him on Twitter at @TSquaredSports.

The Kahuna Creations Sticks.