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Book review: Interactive ‘Nightingale’ offers new and unique experience

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“NIGHTINGALE,” by David Farland, East India Press, $9.99, 416 pages (f)

"Nightingale" is a new enhanced novel by New York Times best-selling author David Farland. The enhanced e-book version for the iPad is available from the Apple app store and includes a preview of the audio book, video interviews with the author and a preview of the book's original soundtrack.

Set in St. George, the story revolves around a teen boy named Bron Jones. Bron has been raised in the foster care system and has had a hard time finding a place where he feels he can fit it.

After being moved to a new foster family in southern Utah and attending his first classes at St. George's Tuacahn High School, Bron finds there is more to his past than he ever could have imagined.

Once again Bron finds himself struggling to fit in, but this time his new foster family is not the problem. In fact, Bron's foster mom quickly forms a unique bond with him and offers him insight into his troubled past. For the first time, Bron has found someone who understands him and seems genuinely interested in his future.

Bron soon learns there is a reason for this connection. He discovers his past is linked to his new foster mom, and the lessons she will teach him will change his life forever.

"Nightingale" is an thrilling fantasy novel filled with characters that are both real and well beyond imagination. The author does a wonderful job of introducing the reader to characters with unique abilities and real-life problems.

Written for a young adult audience, this book does contain some violence and mild suggestive themes.

While this book is available in print form, e-book readers should enjoy the number of enhanced features included in the app version. Reading this book as an e-book offers the reader a unique experience that feels almost like a motion picture.

Steve Larson is one of the founders of Information Alliance, a Utah-based data collection company. He currently serves as vice president of sales. Steve spends his free time writing and practicing photography. He also enjoys spending time outdoors.