At a time when the country is demoralized and almost bankrupted, some out there try to score points against a certain candidate based on insignificant and non important details. I am specifically referring to Lee Benson's "Mia Love's amnesia raises some concerns" (Oct. 7).

In my opinion, it is not a pivotal issue — one that would not stop me from voting or not voting for this candidate. As an immigrant myself, all of us that have the privilege to immigrate to the U.S. depended on some kind of "ticket to freedom." If she was or not such a thing it is irrelevant, considering the eroding moral and economic conditions of the U.S. presently. These are the areas that I am hoping serious journalists will concentrate on informing the voters.

We need to know how a candidate plans on solving pivotal problems. The birth certificate issue regarding President Barack Obama did not help us to learn about his ideology or how he was going to confront the serious issues of our day.

Journalists need to become more serious minded in their craft. Otherwise, they should not be writing for major newspapers.

Jackie M. Smith

American Fork