More companies are allowing employees to bring their children to work on a regular basis, according to Businessweek.

The trend started at the beginning of the recession when companies needed to convince workers to return from maternity leave sooner.

While more than 180 companies allow employees to bring children to work nationwide, most set a limit to young babies or children old enough to come after school.

“The toddler age is really tough,” Carla Moquin, president of the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, told Businessweek. “Once they’re mobile, there are safety issues and liability — and it’s harder on the parents.”

Many companies provide cribs and some even set rooms aside so parents can calm their crying children.

Other companies let parents use an office during the time they bring their child to work.

The program is not just limited to mothers. Fathers and non-biological parents can also bring their children to work.


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