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Bankruptcy trustee postpones Rulon Gardner auction, reconsidering what possessions he will keep

SALT LAKE CITY — Rulon Gardner wants his Olympic rings back. And his wife's pink handgun.

The decorated wrestler who rose to fame at the 2000 Sydney Olympics with his gold-medal-winning upset of Russian Alexander Karelin has endured physical hardships and financial setbacks in the years since his victory, but Gardner is making a play to secure some of his legacy.

An Oct. 27 auction of his most valuable belongings, which were seized by authorities to settle his debts, has been postponed indefinitely as a bankruptcy trustee decides whether Gardner can keep any of the possessions he treasures most.

"The Olympic rings and other stuff, those are the things that really matter to me," Gardner said.

Bankruptcy records show Gardner, 41, owes a major creditor nearly $3 million on a household income of $37,392. He disputes the debt, saying he was defrauded by a recently convicted business associate into co-signing a loan to develop a hot-spring resort near his hometown of Afton, Wyo.

Court records show Elizabeth P. Johnson, of Bozeman, Mont., began serving a 34-month sentence in April for fraud and money laundering. She owes Gardner nearly $300,000 in loan payments that he paid, plus more than $1 million to his major lender, which has piled interest and penalties on Gardner.

"When you beat me down, I just fight harder," said Gardner, who moved to Wellsville, Utah, several years ago. "I'm a fighter. Game on."

The 300-pound fighter is resigned to losing some of his valuables to an eventual auction. They include a Ford Excursion SUV, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, dozens of watches and knives, his wrestling shoes and autographed memorabilia.

Gardner's new bankruptcy lawyer, Anna Drake, said she anticipates they will make an offer to repurchase some of the assets, but added, "He really needs to pick and choose and buy back the stuff that really matters to him."

Cache County sheriff's deputies raided Gardner's house Aug. 15. On the list of items for seizure were Gardner's gold medal from Sydney and a bronze medal from the 2004 Athens Olympics, but sheriff's Deputy Brad Slater said the medals were nowhere to be found.

Gardner previously put up the medals as collateral for personal loans and they will remain out of the auction.