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Today in the Bloggernacle: Conference countdown, ideas and activities

A conference to-do basket to keep little ones engaged while listening.
A conference to-do basket to keep little ones engaged while listening.

Wonderful works: If you are in Salt Lake City this weekend for the general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, be sure to stop by the Church History Museum to enjoy the international art contest on display. And you can get a virtual peek at the “His Works: A World Art Exhibit” with a quick click. Check out all the beautiful interpretations of the theme. The exhibit includes an open copper-wired clock, sculptures, paintings and much more. Plus, see the cool interactive display where children can add their own color and interpretation to artworks currently on display. Awesome.

Mormon holiday: In Syria, in Italy, in Florida or in Utah, sitting in or outside the conference center, this blogger recounts the many ways she has celebrated the sort-of “Mormon Holiday” of general conference: “From one point of view, it was nice to spread it all out and have time to digest each individual talk. But I remember the excited holiday/holy day feeling of my childhood, and I’ve missed the ‘conference weekend experience.' So I’m enjoying being back here in the U.S., where we can watch all the sessions live during normal waking hours. Since it’s my ‘Mormon holiday’ of the year, I want to make it a special time for my family. True to form, my attempts at holiday-making will probably be limited to cinnamon rolls and conference bingo, but I’m curious how other people experience this uniquely Mormon event. How do you 'celebrate' general conference?” Click in to discuss!

Conference activities: Here are some more great “General Conference Activities for Kids.” Just look at that conference-themed basket! Wouldn’t that be fun to make? And this sweet “General Conference Countdown Hunt Match” game can get kids thinking about conference in the days leading up. So clever!

'Make Known His Wonderful Works' art exhibit

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