Although a conservative Utah Republican, I have concluded that, after dominating Utah for many years, the Republican Party has become arrogant, disdainful and shamelessly greedy. One example is how the Republican Legislature twisted around the congressional district boundaries in an effort to unseat Rep. Jim Matheson.

In 2010, one-third of the Utah voters cast their ballot for a Democratic congressman. The Republican Party is attempting to disenfranchise those voters. That's greed.

On another level, the Republicans have disenfranchised every voter in the state. The Republican Legislature has forced the caucus/convention system on us so that we cannot vote for candidates of our choice in the primary elections. We need direct primary elections.

Some Republicans won't vote for any Democrat for the sole reason that they don't like President Barack Obama. However, anyone who thinks that Republicans are not part of the mess in Washington, D.C., is surely naive.

Republican politicians elected by Utah voters need to be reminded that they are not indispensable. The only thing that will get their attention is to elect Democrats. Utah is in dire need of a viable two-party system.

Curt H. Call