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‘Frankenweenie': 3 points for parents

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Edgar in "Frankenweenie," a new stop-motion, animated comedy from Tim Burton.

Edgar in “Frankenweenie,” a new stop-motion, animated comedy from Tim Burton.


Horror film: This movie honors other horror films throughout the story. Some characters have names from other horror films and the tone is set with lightning, storms and darkness. It is not overly dark, though. There is enough comedy to lighten it up for kids.

Black and white: The entire movie was shot in black and white, and that makes for a good horror film. Unfortunately, it does not make for a good 3-D film.

Scary: There are scary elements in the film, and some children could be affected by them. At the same time, there are just as many comedic and hopeful elements to balance them out. There is the death of a pet and animal mutation.

Director Tim Burton always has strange films with themes that most would consider "out there." He takes quirky to a new level and does it well. In this film, you can see his love for horror movies and how they help shape the world of film. "Frankenweenie" is fun and great for kids who are at least 6 or older. For anyone younger, some of the themes won’t make sense. There are also some odd jokes that a few people won’t get despite their age.

Shawn O'Neill is the Family Man Movie Reviewer on BYU Radio. His reviews can be heard on youtube.com/byuradio and on SiriusXM channel 143.