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Utah Opera to bring ghosts and gypsies in 'Il Trovatore' performance

SALT LAKE CITY — Just in time for the Halloween season, the Utah Opera will bring ghosts and gypsies on stage for the performance of "Il Trovatore." The opera will open Saturday, Oct. 13, and run until Sunday, Oct. 21, at the Capitol Theatre.

For those who have never been to an opera before, "Il Trovatore" would be an exciting first experience. Filled with romance, revenge and entertaining music, this production will not put you to sleep.

"There are some very catchy tunes," said Elizabeth Bishop, who plays Azucena. "Spread out throughout are some things that people will recognize. But even if they haven't heard it before, it's catchy enough they will enjoy it."

Director Kevin Newbury said people are usually concerned about the price of the opera and what to wear, but that really isn't something to worry about. "It certainly can be expensive, but you can also go for an affordable price. Anyone can go," Newbury said. "You can wear whatever you want to. It's not like everyone is wearing tuxedos and gowns, although you can if you want to."

Opera isn't so much about being fancy, Newbury said, but "really it is about the music. My whole life is music. I love all music, and I think that if people will just come in thinking about the music that way, then I think they will be surprised."

Although the storyline is very mystical and extreme, Scott Piper, who plays the role of Manrico, said that the characters will be very relatable to those who come to view the performance.

"Almost anyone can identify with these characters," Piper said. "Have you ever had to deal with the feeling of 'why don't they like me?' Have you ever had a deep, dark secret about something that you have done in your past that you have felt reluctant to admit? Myself, I don't need to think very far from my own life to understand their choices.”

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Sarah Sanders Petersen is an intern for Deseret News where she writes for Mormon Times and other feature articles. She is a Communications major and editing minor.