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DVDs: LDS Church presidents George Albert Smith and David O. McKay featured in documentary two-pack

"George Albert Smith: Charity Above All" is a DVD about the prophet, President George Albert Smith.
"George Albert Smith: Charity Above All" is a DVD about the prophet, President George Albert Smith.
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"GEORGE ALBERT SMITH: Charity Above All" and "DAVID O. MCKAY," Living Scriptures, $19.98

The Living Scriptures company is known for producing animated dramatizations of scripture stories and notable figures from history. The mission of the Living Scriptures company is to "teach values and change lives," according to the Living Scriptures website.

With the re-release of two DVD documentaries "George Albert Smith: Charity Above All" and "David O. McKay," both from the Modern-Day Prophets series of videos, the audience is taught the principle of charity using the unquestionable examples of two presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both productions are highly narrated dramatized documentaries told in short vignettes that span the accomplished lives of these LDS Church presidents.

While the production occasionally suffers from a lack of visual authenticity during its dramatized sections, the message of the vignettes are as engaging as they are wholesome. Each documentary seeks to be faith-promoting and historically honest.

Some other family-oriented feature films are uninteresting to adult and teenage audiences and should more accurately be named for appealing to a much younger audience. These documentaries, however, are timeless and don't seek to talk above or below any particular age group, allowing the entire family to stay engaged.

Currently being sold in a two-pack of DVDs, the "David O. McKay" DVD is mailed after purchase and is facilitated through a call-in redemption code with the Living Scriptures. When sold alone, these features cost $29.99 each. Through this offer, both DVDs are $19.98. Both documentaries are a solid value that can support family home evening lessons and will uplift and inspire all to live a more charitable life.

Nick Galieti is a writer, documentarian, freelance record producer and sound engineer. Nick and wife Heidi are also proprietors of Custom LDS