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Elizabeth Smart to tell story of kidnapping in upcoming memoir

Ten years after her kidnapping in 2002, Elizabeth Smart will tell her story for the first time in writing, according to the New York Times.

Written by Chris Stewart, an author of other religious-themed books, the account will be published tentatively on Sept. 13, 2013.

Smart did not want to tell the story about her kidnapping, captivity, rape and rescue until after Brian David Mitchell, her captor, was convicted, according to the Times.

This is the first memoir she has sold.

“I wasn’t interested in telling my story until after I had to testify in great detail at the trial of my abductor,” Smart told the New York Times in a written statement. “Because of the legal proceedings, I couldn’t provide the broader context necessary to truly understand what occurred.”

Smart has been the subject of three books. She tours the country sharing her story and helping those who have gone through traumatic experiences recover.