To get the attention of President Mohammed Morsi, some congress members are saying we should threaten to cut off foreign aid to Egypt after Morsi's outrageous power grab.

No, we shouldn't "threaten" to stop foreign aid to Egypt — we should discontinue it completely and permanently. In fact, we must stop all foreign aid everywhere, and it should be done immediately. We can't afford to be giving away money when we are bankrupt in the U.S. already.

We have $16.2 trillion of debt and we are going further into debt by almost $4 billion per day. Every dollar of foreign aid is borrowed money and it is insane that we are giving away money we don't even have — and giving it largely to people that hate us and are fighting against us.

What is Congress thinking?

Every rational American should call on their congress members and senators to discontinue this nonsense.

How can we watch our nation go broke needlessly and not do something about it?

Jim Green

Heber City