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Book review: 'Enduring Light' an inspirational LDS romance readers will adore

"Enduring Light" by Carla Kelley is an LDS historical novel set in 1910 in both Salt Lake City and the Wyoming frontier.
"Enduring Light" by Carla Kelley is an LDS historical novel set in 1910 in both Salt Lake City and the Wyoming frontier.
Provided by Cedar Fort

"ENDURING LIGHT," by Carla Kelly, Bonneville Books, $8.99, 378 pages (f)

Bestselling author Carla Kelly’s "Enduring Light" presents a beautiful love story that readers will cherish.

"Enduring Light" picks up right where "Borrowed Light" left off. After the fire on the Double Tipi Ranch in rural Wyoming that almost claimed Julia Darling’s life, she returns to her home in Salt Lake City as an emotionally and psychically scarred woman.

Julia is relying on her newfound Mormon faith to help her overcome her insecurities about her disfigured appearance. At the same time, she is anxiously counting down until her sweetheart, Paul Otto, can finally take her to the temple. For both Paul and Julia, that day cannot come soon enough.

After Julia and Paul are finally married for time and eternity, they are both eager to return to the Double Tipi Ranch. However, when the Ottos get there, they quickly find that being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in turn-of-the-century Wyoming isn’t an easy feat.

As the Ottos face alienation and threats from their fellow ranchers, Julia and Paul will learn what it means to endure and to cast every burden on the Lord. A rancher’s life is tough, and they are about to find out whether or not Mormons can fit into this harsh environment.

This companion novel to "Borrowed Light" will leave readers thoroughly entertained. Reading "Borrowed Light" first will help with the background of several of the characters and storylines.

Paul and Julia’s romance is never boring and is tastefully described. The antics between them are always hilarious and will have readers chuckling out loud. Additionally, many of their conversations will leave readers feeling inspired as they watch this couple consistently turn to the Lord for help and guidance.

Kelly is a master at creating a tale that readers will want to read again and again. She creates a world that readers can vividly imagine, and characters that readers will love. Kelly brilliantly combines themes of faith, love and friendship with a romantic and inspirational tone that will both entertain and enlighten all who read this novel.

"Enduring Light" is a novel that fans of historical fiction, romance and westerns will absolutely adore.

Danica Baird is currently attending BYU and is pursuing a double-major in English and journalism.