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This woman saves, but doesn’t make it hurt

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Saving doesn’t always mean clipping coupons or using cloth diapers. Saving is only a chore if you let it be, according to a recent post in MSN Money.

The author of the post, Lindy from the financial blog “Minting Nickels,” wrote about her experiences in saving money when her family needed to pay off debt.

“To put it simply, we needed to pay off debt, and we needed more money to do it,” Lindy said. “But the thought of spending less money was so unappealing. But what I didn’t realize at the time was that I can still be frugal and still be me.”

Saving money for her family was just a matter of cutting out things that didn’t matter or making changes when they found more thrifty alternatives.

“So I may not clip coupons, I may not wash plastic bags, I may pay full price for popcorn and candy at the movie theater, but I can still be frugal in my own right,” Lindy said in the post.

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