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Couple afraid to return home after gunman attack in shower

SHARE Couple afraid to return home after gunman attack in shower

OGDEN — Ogden police are looking for an armed man who broke into an Ogden home and confronted a woman while she was taking a shower.

The woman said she's afraid to go home after the harrowing encounter.

Ashley Bills said she was taking a shower Friday morning. She had heard a couple of noises that she first chalked up to her sleeping husband or their children, ages 4 and 8.

Then, however, she felt she wasn’t alone in the bathroom.

“I slowly opened my (shower) curtain and there was a man standing there with a gun pointed at my face,” Bills said Tuesday.

The gunman was wearing a ski mask. Bills said she screamed for her husband, which caused the man to run.

Jason Bills — who was asleep in the bedroom — shot out of bed and chased the intruder, but never caught him.

“The almighty question is who is he, and where is he,” he said.

The couple spoke about the frightening encounter as they huddled outside the Ogden police station. They said they can't go back home because they are too frightened. They tried to return one night, staying awake in shifts.

The couple now plans to move.

“Sleep’s not been a very good thing for me over the last few days,” Jason Bills said.

The family said the gunman left behind a backpack with another ski mask, a bandana and lock-picking gear inside. What concerned them more were additional items inside the backpack that police told them not to disclose, Ashley Bills said.

“Best way to explain it is to just know that the things that were in there were horrible in intent,” she said.

The couple does not believe the man was there to burglarize their home, because he passed up money and numerous electronics on his way to the bathroom.

“It does draw concern for the behavior that took place,” Ogden Police Lt. Danielle Croyle said.

She said investigators are taking the report very seriously, and were following up on leads. There have been no similar cases in the area and officers hope this event was isolated, Croyle said.

As a precaution, police were warning people in the area surrounding the 2800 block of Harrison Boulevard to be careful and watchful.

“This guy’s not afraid of the things that people should be afraid of,” Ashley Bills said. “People need to be scared of that.”

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