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Bloggernacle Back Bench: Preparing for LDS General Conference

Attach this widget to your blog, website or Facebook page. More at
Attach this widget to your blog, website or Facebook page. More at

Oh my, it is that time again, time to pull together all the blogs I’ve been saving that spotlight creative and testimony-building activities that help families prepare for getting the most out of general conference. So without further ado, I present…

Heard of “Pitch Your Tent” or “Conference Blocks” or “Temple Memory Game” or even “Conference Sundae”? Michelle at “A Little Tipsy” pulls together her favorite general conference activities from the past few years and includes them in this handy list. Click in to learn more and to find some awesome printables.

Or there are "General Conference Bags for Nursery" (that can be easily changed to conference bags for children). I just loved this creative idea where you put photos of each of the general authorities on activities or snacks, place them all in a bag, then let your children pull them out each time that general authority stands to speak. Genius!

Or how about playing “Don’t Eat the Apostle” (similar to Don’t Eat Pete) or taping general authority tabs to a lined notebook magically transforming it to a general conference notebook. That and more are found in this post on “LDS General Conference Activity Day,” which can easily be transferred to family home evenings or conference activities.

Handouts and coloring pages can be a big hit. I loved this M&M-themed printable about how to “Make the Most of General Conference.” Or these printable "General Conference Apostle Cards" can spark games like Memory or Go Prophet (you know, instead of Go Fish). Or if you want a plethora of printables, check out this whole site of LDS Notebooking Pages where you are sure to find something that promotes quiet note-taking during conference talks.

And speaking of printables, I love this blogger’s idea: “(Last time) I had people write in their favorite quotes or scriptures shared during general conference, and I promised to create free printables. As a result, I ended up with a handful of really great printables — we switch them out in a frame in our foyer. They've made great reminders of what we felt during conference — things we may want to improve upon or remember.” Click in to learn more!

Finally, looking for “Older LDS General Conferences” to whet your appetite for this weekend? Larry Richman has pulled together a list of resources on where to best peruse old gems. And this wouldn’t be a general conference prep article without at least one shout-out to how excited I am that “Once Again the TwitterStake to Gather for #LDSConf.” Click in to learn all about it and to follow the conference proceedings almost in realtime via Facebook, Twitter and the blogs. Join in to share your thoughts and testimonies of the thoughts and testimonies being beamed out from the Conference Center.

Now let me direct you to a few other conference prep posts from this last week in the Bloggernacle:

Power pick: The LDS Church has really stepped it up this year in using social media to spread the conference word far and wide. If you go to and click “Invite Others,” you’ll find an intro video (that is awesome!), banners and a widget that you can embed on your website. I’ve already seen it on many blogs and sites and invite you to share it on your Facebook, twitter feeds and blogs. What a powerful tool that has been made so easy to share! So cool.

Techie tip: It’s a semi-annual question: “Will the priesthood session be made available for live streaming?” I’ll let the people at LDS Tech answer this one: “The priesthood session will be streamed but will be password protected. From the broadcast information letter that went out: The priesthood session will be available on the Internet through a secure web page that requires a password. To request information about viewing the priesthood session on the Internet in American Sign Language, English, French, Portuguese (Brazil) or Spanish, e‑mail Please include your name, your calling, your unit name (area, stake, mission or district), the event you are requesting information for and the languages you need. Information will be sent only to members of area, stake, mission or district presidencies.” So there you go.

Watch for more conference helps from my “Today in the Bloggernacle” articles throughout the week.

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