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Utah included on CNN's list of new spots for architecture lovers

The Natural History Museum of Utah at the Rio Tinto Center in Salt Lake City.
The Natural History Museum of Utah at the Rio Tinto Center in Salt Lake City.
Associated Press

Our take: CNN Travel recently highlighted six locations where tourists with an affinity for architecture can find "modern masterpieces." The Natural History Museum of Utah was featured, along with Norway's Oslo Opera House and New York's Times Square.

(CNN) — The Eiffel Tower. The Colosseum. The Taj Majal. The Pyramids.

Massive architectural marvels from times past, they are often stopping points on a tourist's journey.

Although these grand sites aren't always why globe-trotters say they're going on vacation, some of history's great works of architecture star in the returning traveler's photos. Did you get that smiling shot in front of Buckingham Palace or the photo "pushing" the Leaning Tower of Pisa upright?

Despite a tight economy, a new generation of architects is giving the traveler reasons to jump on a plane to see modern masterpieces. Many of the new structures are public projects, designed to welcome the resident and tourist alike.

"There's been a lot of emphasis on public architecture, using it to really bring vitality to a place," says Justin Davidson, New York magazine's architecture and classical music critic. "Whether people are traveling a great distance to see one thing or it's creating a market for the regeneration of a place that really needs it, those things get merged."

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