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Lawyer wants new trial for RI man in teen sex case

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A defense attorney says she'll seek a new trial next month for a Rhode Island man convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in a 2007 case that went cold until police said DNA evidence linked him to the attack.

Jason Nickerson's attorney, Michelle Alves, has declined to comment further.

Nickerson was found guilty Tuesday of sexual assault and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Prosecutors say the 31-year-old Nickerson picked up the 16-year-old girl in Providence, drove her to a parking lot and sexually assaulted and beat her.

Under state law, Nickerson had to submit a DNA sample after pleading no contest to robbery in another case. A police affidavit says the DNA linked him to the assault.

Nickerson is scheduled to be sentenced on June 14.