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Chevrolet to pull all 11 IndyCar engines

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Chevrolet has decided to change the engines for all 11 of its IndyCar teams prior to Sunday's race at Long Beach.

The decision by the manufacturer means all of its drivers will drop 10 spots on the starting grid from where they qualify. It's part of a strict engine rule implemented by IndyCar that forbids engine changes before each one has completed 1,850 miles.

Chevrolet IndyCar program manager Chris Berube says the problem was discovered during Monday's open test session at Sonoma. The engine for James Hinchcliffe blew up during the test. Chevy gave him a new one, and IndyCar said Hinchcliffe would be penalized.

Now Berube says the problem could affect all its engines.

Chevrolet has won both poles and both races to start the season.