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Canyons employees claim superintendent rules by intimidation

David S. Doty, Canyons School District Superintendent
David S. Doty, Canyons School District Superintendent
Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Eight Canyons District employees, past and present, told KSL News that Superintendent David Doty has created an environment of intimidation, with calls for loyalty and demands for public silence.

The employees said they have experience one or more of the following:

They were given letters of reprimand

They were demoted without a pay decrease

They were asked to write letters expressing their loyalty to the district and superintendent to be kept in their personnel files

Ellen Wallace, a former school board member for the Jordan and Canyons school districts, said Doty imposed a mandate specifying no communication between board members and district employees without his knowledge and consent.

"If you speak out and they don't like what you're saying, and you're not all for [it] and a 'yes person,' then you will literally. . . you could lose your place there," former administrator Sharon Okumura said. "You could lose your job."