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Admitted subway plotter testifies at NYC trial

NEW YORK — The admitted mastermind of a foiled suicide attack on the New York City subways says he grew to believe that the force behind 9/11 was "America itself."

Najibullah Zazi (nah-jee-BOO'-lah ZAH'-zee) testified Tuesday at the Brooklyn trial of Adis Medunjanin (ah-DEES' med-DOON'-yah-neen).

The government says they and a third man — all former Queens classmates — came close to carrying out the 2009 subway attack.

The other man, Zarein Ahmedzay (zah-RAYN' ah-MIHD'-zay), testified Monday.

He and Zazi pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Medunjanin in a bid for leniency.

The defense insists that Medunjanin is not a terrorist.