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Woman charged with murder in shooting of Texas mom

SPRING, Texas — A woman has been charged with capital murder in the shooting of a young mother and the abduction of her newborn son near Houston, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Lignon told ABC's "Good Morning America" that Verna McClain was charged early Wednesday in the killing of Kala Marie Golden.

Golden died Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses say an argument broke out between her and another woman as Golden left a pediatric clinic with her 3-day-old son, Keegan. The woman shot Golden and snatched the baby from her arms before driving away in a Lexus, according to witness accounts.

Lignon said McClain's statement to investigators indicate the shooting was part of a wider plan to kidnap a child, and that he doesn't believe Golden was specifically targeted.

Keegan was found unharmed Tuesday evening. Lignon says Child Protective Services are looking after him but that they expect the baby to soon be reunited with his father.

Authorities detained a person of interest late Tuesday, but it wasn't immediately clear if that person was McClain.