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NYC subway plotter: Bombmaking 'very simple'

NEW YORK — The admitted mastermind of a foiled suicide attack on the New York City subways says he learned formulas for homemade bombs while at an al-Qaida training compound in Pakistan in 2008.

Najibullah Zazi (nah-jee-BOO'-lah ZAH'-zee) testified for a second day Wednesday at the Brooklyn trial of Adis Medunjanin (ah-DEES' med-DOON'-yah-neen).

Zazi said al-Qaida instructors showed him how to mix chemicals found in nail polish remover and other common products found at beauty supply stores

Zazi described the process as "very simple."

Zazi and another man pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Medunjanin in a bid for leniency.

Medunjanin's lawyer insists his client is not a terrorist.