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Out of touch

As we know, the federal government makes decisions not based on real life. It is giving away our only space shuttles to museums around the country and has no replacement for them at NASA. This is like an average taxpayer giving up his perfectly good and paid for car and hoping he can buy or build a new car sometime in the future if someone gives him the money to do it.

Reminds you of putting the buggy before the horse in the way the federal government thinks through its options. An average citizen would have alternate personal transportation already available to him before giving away something that is irreplaceable. Giving away our only way into space and hoping other countries will be available to taxi us into space is another example of Congress and the president being out of touch with the average taxpayer. Let's hope for a mighty change in the elections this year and vote in congressmen and a president that are more in touch with reality.

Dennis Roennebeck

Salt Lake City