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Activists cry fowl over dying of baby chicks as Easter gifts

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Our Take: It's Peeps season. You, know, those marshmallow chicks covered in colored sugar? You know you crave them. But The New York Times reports activists are crying fowl on Peeps of a different kind. The real thing. Real chicks are being dyed neon colors to serve as festive Easter gifts.

Cute as they are, they are not made of marshmallow.

If only they were, nobody would have a problem with newborn chicks that are dyed in brilliant colors neon, Fruity Pebbles, pastel, Crayola box to serve as festive Easter gifts. The dye is either injected in the incubating egg or sprayed on the hatchling, and while poultry farmers say it is harmless, many people object, saying it turns live birds into holiday playthings that are quickly discarded.

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