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Calipari finds success with 'one-and-dones'

NEW ORLEANS — Kentucky coach John Calipari doesn't like the "one-and-done" rule, which essentially forces players to spend a year in college. He's even suggested ways to change it.

Until it does change, however, it's a fact of life in college basketball, and no one has used it to his advantage more than Calipari.

His latest cadre of NBA-bound stars, led by 19-year-old freshman phenom Anthony Davis, will play Kansas for the NCAA title Monday night. It's the second time in five years Calipari has made it to the last game of the season. This also is Kentucky's second straight trip to the Final Four.

Calipari's players are doing just fine, too. He's had nine first-round picks in the last four NBA drafts, with several more likely to come this summer.