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Micah True's death clouds future of ultra-marathon

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Ultra-marathoner Micah True made it his life's work to keep the running traditions of Mexico's Tarahumara alive and to share their culture with the world.

The 50-mile-plus Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon that he founded and directed for the past several years marked a record turnout this year, but its fate is now a question with True's death.

True's body was discovered Saturday in a remote part of southern New Mexico's Gila Wilderness. The search began for him days earlier after he failed to return from a 12-mile run.

Medical investigators conducted an autopsy Monday to determine what happened to the 58-year-old True, but preliminary results have yet to be released. There were no signs of trauma.

Friends say True was always searching for "a right path in life." They say he found that in the heart of Mexico's Copper Canyon with the Tarahumara.