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Political bullying

I would hope that our delegates at the state political conventions would not repeat the debacle of the bullying out of office of Sen. Bob Bennett in the last election. I will forever remember Sen. Mike Lee, with the help of his buddies, as the person that bullied Bennett right out of office so that he, Mike Lee, could have it.

Bennett, as the incumbent, wasn't even allowed to participate in the primary election. What a travesty. Let us hope that this isn't repeated with Sen. Orrin Hatch. I appeal to the caucus delegates to not bully Hatch out of office.

Hatch is at his pinnacle of service to the state of Utah and the nation. If re-elected he can give Utah and the nation the greatest service of his political career. Please delegates, vote for Hatch to be kept in office. We need him, badly.

Halvor Olsen

West Bountiful