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Daycares swarm to enroll in Ga. rating system

MARIETTA, Ga. — Parents often spend weeks visiting dozens of daycare centers and preschools before finding one they like, but the state hopes to cut down on that leg work with a new rating system.

The state is rolling out its first-ever quality rating system for child care centers, in-home daycares and preschools, part of an effort to spur improvements in early care programs for children across the state.

Although the system is voluntary, nearly 600 programs have signed up since it launched in January. Even though that's far ahead of where state officials expected to be four months into the rating system, it's just a fraction of the 6,300 daycares, preschools and other early learning programs in the state.

Georgia has licensed daycares and preschools for years, but the new system will help parents find programs that go beyond the minimum required by the state.