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Jordan's Bobcats poised to be worst NBA team ever

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Michael Jordan No. 23 has long been synonymous with greatness. By Thursday night that number could have a completely different meaning for him.

His Charlotte Bobcats face their 23rd consecutive loss and would finish the season with the worst winning percentage in NBA history (.106) if they don't beat the New York Knicks on the final night of the shrunken season. And that would mean the man recognized globally as the greatest basketball player ever would be the not-so-proud owner of the worst NBA team ever.

A spectacular resume that includes six NBA championships and five league MVP awards would also include one very forgettable season.

It's been 39 years since an NBA team finished with a worse winning percentage than the Bobcats. The 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers finished 9-73 (.110).