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Could there be a second coming of the Beatles?

What do Jar Jar Binks, hydrogen blimps and four sons of The Beatles have in common? All are bad ideas.

At least that's what social media mavens on Facebook and Twitter are saying when it comes to the Beatles kids forming a band of their own. According to the BBC, James McCartney, the thirty-four-year-old son of Paul McCartney, has reached out to George's son Dhani Harrison, Ringo's boy Zak Starkey and John's scion Sean to form a band called The Beatles - The Next Generation, according to

The minute the word got out, Twitter and Facebook erupted. "Maybe this is what the Mayans were referring to in 2012," said Texas resident, Max Bonem, on Twitter @thebonemline. Deathcab for Cutie frontman, Ben Gibbard (@gibbstack) simply tweeted "NO!" And Utahn, Justin Ethington, added on Facebook, "Jar Jar? Hydrogen blimps? Snuggies? This idea is the worst of them all."

New Yorker Editor Ben Greenman (@bengreenman) joined in, tweeting, "Can we all agree that this is a bad idea?" Then blogged about it, seemingly begging the Beatle boys not to take the idea any further. "The very men who should be protecting that legacy are talking, even in passing, about burlesquing it. Lorne Michaels should offer them a thousand dollars each to abandon the idea," he added, referring to Lorne Michaels' half-joke on a '76 episode of SNL where he offered the Beatles $3,000 for a reunion.

If the social media response is any indication, fans aren't too keen on the idea. Even McCartney realizes he might be crossing a bridge too far.

"I then dreamt of being better than The Beatles, he told the BBC. I'm not sure if I can do that. If anything, I would love to be equal to The Beatles -- but even that's quite tough."

What do you think, would you be up for a next generation of the Beatles? Join the conversation on Facebook.