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Will Romney's inexperience as a politician be his downfall against Obama?

Our Take: With Tuesday's wins in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC, Everyone but Rick Santorum (and perhaps his closest family members) is acknowledging Romney's inevitability as the Republican nominee. But is he ready to face what some believe to be the best political campaigner to run for the Presidency in Barack Obama? New Yorker Columnist John Cassidy isn't sold that he is.

In economics, there is something called Steins Law, which was coined by the late Herbert Stein, who chaired the Council of Economic Advisers under President Nixon. It says that if something is unsustainable it will eventually come to an enda truism often forgotten during stock-market bubbles and real-estate booms. Now, in the political realm, we have Romneys Law: if something is inevitable, it will eventually happen, however little enthusiasm people have for it.

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