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LDS Church to blitz YouTube, Facebook with messages of Jesus Christ on Easter weekend

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is planning to blitz the world of social media this weekend with a new media campaign aimed at helping "those not of our faith understand that we believe in and follow Jesus Christ."

In an email sent from the LDS Church Missionary Department to those who have created profiles on the church's website, officials said the campaign will take place Friday through Sunday on YouTube and Facebook, and will feature "members of the church sharing their beliefs about the Savior."

The campaign will consist of paid advertising on YouTube during the weekend, which they expect to be viewed "a minimum of 15 million times."

"The advertising will link to a specially designed page where visitors can share why Jesus Christ is important to them, learn more about our beliefs in the Savior, download the Bible videos app or order a free Bible (U.S. and Canada only)," the email said.

At the same time, visitors to the Facebook page will be encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings about Jesus Christ. "It is hoped that thousands of church members and nonmembers will express their testimonies of Jesus Christ during the Easter weekend," the email continued, adding that LDS members are encouraged to urge their family and friends to participate in the effort and go to the website to share their feelings about Jesus Christ.

The new Easter page will not be live online until early Friday morning.

"We believe this will be a unique opportunity for church members to engage in conversations with those not of our faith about the importance of Jesus Christ in the lives of God's children," the Missionary Department email concluded.