"MUSIC FROM A MOTHER'S HEART," by Lyndsi Houskeeper, Covenant Communications, $9.99.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Mormon singer and songwriter Lyndsi Houskeeper has released her newest collection, “Music from a Mother’s Heart.” The album is a retrospective that spans 10 years of Houskeeper’s music. Houskeeper personally selected her 17 favorite songs of faith and worship based on a celebratory thread of mothers, children and families.

This is an enjoyable, uplifting and touching collection of music. Each song was inspired by Houskeeper’s personal experiences as a mother, sister and friend. The collection highlights Houskeeper’s signature style of well-crafted music combined with touching, heartfelt lyrics. The album will uplift and encourage mothers of all definitions, as they love all the children in their lives. Houskeeper musically captures the yearnings and hopes of those who are watching children grow and develop into who they were meant to become.

Songs range from the spiritual “He Shows Me,” to the up-tempo happy tune “Because I Have You.” Each of the tracks is designed to bring peace and a smile to the listener.

“Music from a Mother’s Heart” is available wherever LDS products are sold. The album can also be downloaded from iTunes or Amazon. To learn more about Houskeeper, visit www.lyndsihouskeeper.com.

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