Our take: St. Peter's Episcopal Church of Howard County, Md., has extended their forgiveness to a homeless man responsible for fatally shooting a priest and the church's secretary earlier this month. As part of the healing process, they have offered to hold a funeral service for Douglas Franklin Jones, who committed suicide following the attack, following the example of an Amish community who offered forgiveness after a shooter killed five young girls in 2006.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland is offering forgiveness and a funeral service for a homeless man who killed himself after fatally shooting a priest and church secretary last week.

Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton and an academic expert on forgiveness likened the diocese's attitude to that of an Amish community in Lancaster County, Pa., that forgave the man who fatally shot five school girls there in 2006.

"That is a painful, hard process," Sutton told The Associated Press after last Thursday's shooting. "But we learned something a few years ago, made manifest by the Amish community, when a gunman came into that school: Eventually, that community went to the family of that murderer and extended forgiveness."

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