CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned home Friday after 11 days of cancer treatment in Cuba, saying his latest round of radiation therapy was successful.

"I should say that we have successfully completed the medical treatment," the socialist leader said as dozens of uniformed soldiers holding assault rifles stood in formation along a red carpet on the tarmac at Simon Bolivar International Airport.

"Of course, I must rigorously follow the medical advice in these coming days in order to continue recuperating," he added.

State television broadcast live footage of Chavez greeting and chatting with Vice President Elias Jaua, Defense Minister Henry Rangel Silva and Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami and other aides after he stepped off the plane.

Chavez, 57, traveled to Cuba on April 30 for further radiation therapy.

He began the treatments in late March after an operation in February that he says removed a second tumor from his pelvic region. The first tumor was taken out in an operation last June.

Chavez has kept some details of his illness a secret, including the type of cancer and the precise location of the tumors.

Upon his return, he accused his political adversaries of leading an international campaign aimed at raising doubts regarding his commitment to democracy.

He also claimed that opposition groups are planning to stir up political upheaval ahead of the Oct. 7 presidential election. He did not provide details or single out any particular organization.

Chavez said he is ready "to put myself at the front lines of the battle."

Associated Press writer Jorge Rueda contributed to this report.