I cannot understand why someone would not want the very best education for their child. Why would they object to a school curriculum with the goal of teaching our students to be competitive in our global economy?

There have been a number of articles in the news lately discussing the Common Core Standards. I attended the Board of Education public forum a few weeks ago. I'm not a board member, educator, member of the PTA or a member of anything, really, just a concerned citizen. I listened to both sides of the argument.

If I would be asked my opinion, I would absolutely support Common Core. There is a faction group in Utah that objects to common sense education whether it was the Sex-ed Bill and now the Common Core. I listened to over 20 people speak from this group and they all said about the same thing. They fear the federal government.

They offered no facts to support the opposition to common core. Here is a quote I have taken from the Utah State Board of Education fact sheet: "The federal government did not participate in the creation of the standards, and they are not federally controlled." Our Utah State Board of Education is not a subversive group, and they can be trusted to make the right choices for all of our children.

Sandy Krueger