Listen to this from Sen. Orrin Hatch's campaign manager: "Debates are only one way of communicating with voters and are getting more emphasis than they deserve." The real truth is that many voters make up their mind based upon viewing or hearing discussion from those they know and trust. Agreeing to only one debate between the convention and the primary is not fair to the Utah voters he claims to represent.

When running the first time, Hatch tore apart his primary opponent, moderate Republican Jack Carlson. The Hatch "machine" dominated the delegate selection process, but a huge number of those committed to him, when they were chosen, changed their vote at the convention based upon hearing Dan Liljenquist's plans for becoming our senator.

Hatch keeps playing the "seniority card," when in fact, the next Republican in line to chair the Senate Finance Committee is the talented, conservative, BYU-educated Sen. Mike Crapo from Idaho, who would perform the assignment far better than Hatch ever would. Hatch needs to go back to his other career: writing songs.

Timothy Tate