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Utah mom accused of taking inappropriate photos of daughter to send to Oregon man

DUCHESNE — A Duchesne County woman is facing felony charges after investigators say she took nude photos of her teenage daughter knowing the girl intended to send them to an Oregon man.

Prosecutors charged the 35-year-old woman this week in 8th District Court with three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, a second-degree felony.

The woman's 13-year-old daughter told Duchesne County sheriff's detectives that her 30-year-old boyfriend from Oregon provided her with a cellphone and requested that she send him naked pictures of herself.

The girl said her mother took three photos of her after the girl couldn't figure out how to do it herself, according to charging documents. The nude photos were then sent to the Oregon man, the charges state.

Detectives also interviewed the girl's mother. She corroborated her daughter's statement and said she knew the girl planned to send the photos to the man in Oregon, according to the charges.

Detectives in Utah contacted authorities in Oregon, who are now investigating the allegations against the man accused of requesting and receiving the photos.

The Deseret News typically does not report the identities of victims of sex crimes and therefore is not publishing the identity of the accused to protect her daughter.

Geoff Liesik Twitter: GeoffLiesik