Our take: A study conduced by Barna Group, at the request of the Diocese of Camden, N.J., found that 60 percent of respondents in the southern New Jersey area believed that Jesus sinned during his time on earth. Some Catholic leaders worry that there is a disconnect between Catholics understanding the divinity of Jesus in combination with a sinless humanity. The survey also found that many Catholics in that area don't attend Mass because it's not enough of a priority.

Nearly 60% of practicing Catholics in South Jersey believe that Jesus sinned while he was on Earth, according to a study released by the Diocese of Camden.

That finding, contrary to the church's fundamental doctrine, is both disturbing and intriguing to Bishop Joseph Galante, who spoke about the study Thursday.

"The number of Catholics who have a very flawed, a seriously flawed, understanding of who Jesus is, that's troublesome," Galante said. "Jesus is the foundation of who we are as Catholics."

He considers it part of the reason the Roman Catholic church is having problems, including low attendance at weekend Mass and lack of an inviting and welcoming atmosphere in parishes.

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