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‘Daughters of Jared’ a shining, new Book of Mormon novel

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"DAUGHTERS OF JARED," by H.B. Moore, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 201 pages (f)

In the realm of scriptural, historical fiction, Heather Moore’s new novel, “Daughters of Jared,” sparkles.

This dynamic tale blisters from start to finish with intrigue, deception, romance and murder, drawing readers into an ancient world where kings ruled with absolute supremacy and power meant everything.

Following the Book of Mormon tale laid out a few verses in the Book of Ether (see chapter 8) this is an imaginative interpretation of the scriptural account.

In the 10th century BC, an influential group of brothers set out to rule the land. Jared the second had been king, but his father, Omer, was restored to the throne by his two younger sons. Stripped of his sovereignty, Jared conspires in exile to regain the crown at any cost.

When Jared’s heady daughter, Asherah, presents him with a malevolent strategy to restore his rule, a diabolical cloud begins to surround the family, leading life to slowly unravel around them.

Seen from the eyes of Naiva, Jared’s second and more righteous daughter, the path Asherah and her father tread is dangerous and foreboding.

When Akish, a handsome and influential stranger, enters their lives, things begin to spin out of control. His interest in each of Jared’s daughters brings anguish, jealousy and betrayal to the sisters.

Naiva and Asherah watch as life painfully plummets into despair and the world they know crumbles. Only trust in the true and living God could save the sisters from their ugly fate.

Moore has produced several previous novels exploring the lives of Book of Mormon prophets including Abinadi, Alma, Alma the Younger and Ammon. She received a Whitney award for her “Out of Jerusalem” series, which follows Lehi and his family as they trek to the promised land.

Although it does not shadow the life of a prophet, “Daughters of Jared” surely earns a place at the top of Moore’s growing pile of creative works. This story is vibrant and entertaining in every sense. The characters are equal parts delightful and dastardly, leaving readers to feel captivated by the progression of each individual’s life. The tale is engaging and unique and is a true gem in its genre.

Book review: 'Daughters of Jared' by H.B. Moore

"Daughter's of Jared," the new novel by Heather Moore, thrills in its fictional take on ancient Book of Mormon kings and their daughters.

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