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Police say DUI suspect slammed into liquor store wall, his own garage door

SHARE Police say DUI suspect slammed into liquor store wall, his own garage door

PROVO — Police had an easy time following a man whom they say was intoxicated and had just crashed into a cinder-block wall in front of the local liquor store.

Detectives followed the marks left by his damaged car all the way back to his damaged garage, which was disfigured when police say he tried to park his car while the garage door was still down.

The incident started about 10 a.m. Monday at a State Liquor Store, 166 S. Freedom Blvd., said Provo Police Sgt. Brandon Post. Noah Rewis, 42, arrived at the store, which was closed, and smashed his vehicle into a retaining wall, causing significant damage to the car, Post said.

Responding detectives followed marks left by the damaged vehicle to a home near 400 North and 1000 West where the car had driven on the sidewalk, gone into the backyard where it struck a tree, and then ran over a rose bush in the front yard as it was leaving, Post said.

The trail of destruction continued to Rewis' home near 400 South and 1800 West where the vehicle was found sticking out of the badly damaged garage, he said. Rewis was still in the car and was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

Post said investigators believed Rewis' intoxication was due to a combination of alcohol and prescription medication.

Utah state court records show Rewis has a long history of misdemeanor assault and intoxication charges.

Pat Reavy

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