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Provo makes improvements to State Street

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PROVO — The city, in partnership with the Utah Department of Transportation, has built improvements to increase safety on south State Street.

The project improvements include a 10-foot multi-use path; curb, gutter, and storm drain system improvements; landscaping in the park strip; and a widened shoulder.

With the 10-foot path, pedestrians and bikers coming through the area should have a safer place to travel along south State Street. The curb and gutter provides access to the properties along the road via defined driveways, which helps keep drivers safe.

New decorative lighting and landscaping in the park strip is designed to enhance the look of the neighborhood and the safety for path users when it’s dark outside. Storm drain improvements should help to collect water and improve the traffic flow.

The widened shoulder is designed to allow buses and vehicles to partially pull out of the travel lanes as they slow down or pull off from the road and also addresses issues of pooling water.

Current funding has helped the city to construct the improvements on the east side from 1860 South to 1120 South. Provo will soon get additional funding to extend the same improvements up to 900 South.