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Movie Review: Disney and Pixar’s new film ‘Brave’ is a story about family

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The Disney and Pixar collaboration over the years has presented unique films that audiences enjoy watching many times over. Films like “Finding Nemo,” “Monsters Inc.” and the “Toy Story” series have engrained themselves into our culture. So much so, you will almost always see one of these films running when you enter any pediatrician or dentist office.

So many love what the two companies do with these films, it is not surprising to find that numerous individuals want to know about their newest feature, “Brave.”

“Brave” is the story of Princess Merida (voice of Kelly MacDonald) and her family. King Fergus (voice of Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (voice of Emma Thompson) are raising their family in the Scottish Highlands, and on her birthday Merida receives a bow from her father.

As Merida grows into her teen years, she has become quite the archer, but now it is time for the clans to come together and find someone for her to marry. Merida does not want to get married yet, so she rebels. Her mother has been preparing her from the day she was born for this event and sees Merida’s rebellion as troublesome. They argue over the matter and Merida runs away. She is led to a witch in the forest who gives her a spell to use on her mother.

For those of you who have been waiting for the next Pixar film to come out, your patience is about to be rewarded. Pixar has made a marvelous film about the love of family and the courage it takes to admit you’re wrong.

“Brave” is a beautiful story and visually stunning. Merida’s hair is a vibrant red and keeping it waving with all its curls must have been a very daunting task. The backgrounds of the Scottish countryside provide a wonderful sight for the eyes.

You may be thinking that we don’t need another princess for Disney to add to the group it already has. This princess is different. She is one you will want your children to know about, not just the girls but the boys, too.

Pixar has made a story that is funny and touching at the same time. Merida’s brothers, the triplets, add some very funny comic relief without ever speaking a word. The rest of the cast adds to comic relief as well, and, yes, John Ratzenberger is in this Pixar film. If you didn’t know, he has appeared in every Pixar feature film.

“Brave” is an animated film from Pixar that is rated PG. The reason for this rating is the action does get intense and can be scary for some younger children. There is also a scene that is a bit humorous, where the men show the audience just what they wear, or don’t wear, under their kilts. No flashing, they actually have to leave their kilts behind for a very good reason, and then you see them walking away from the audience into the castle.

There is a mention of the queen being naked at one point, though she is covered by a tapestry. Plus the triplets are nude for a very short time, all seen from behind. There is some name calling in the film but no foul language to speak of.

The story and the message of the film really overshadow any of the things that make it PG. Pixar has done a really great job this time around, and not just with the movie but also the short that appears before it called “La Luna.” See it together as a family and then add it your family's favorites from Pixar. Can you say Blu-Ray for Christmas?

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