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No tolerance? Step up the fight against bullies

SHARE No tolerance? Step up the fight against bullies

I know a 12-year-old boy who has been bullied. He lives in fear and is labeled as "different" because of some learning disabilities. He would not tell his parents because he was afraid.

As the year went on, his little brother told his parents, and they went to the bullied child's teacher and principal. Unfortunately, the school's attitude was that "boys will be boys." Apparently this school has many issues and is overwhelmed. This child was made to feel like he did something wrong. They tried to keep him in class during recess, instead of the bullies.

This last week, after an attack that left him with bruises, the boy threatened his attackers. He said he would shoot them all if they didn't leave him alone. The parents have talked to the district and received little help. The district threatened that if they took the boy out of school, they might be charged. They did not listen and took both their children out of class one week early.

The district claims a "no tolerance" policy, but apparently there is tolerance. I realize that I am hearing this from one side, but it seems unfair.

Heidi Winegar

South Jordan