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UEA endorses Rep. Jim Matheson in 4th Congressional District race

Utah Rep. Jim Matheson
Utah Rep. Jim Matheson
Deseret News archive

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah largest teachers union endorsed Rep. Jim Matheson in the 4th Congressional District on Wednesday.

Utah Education Association President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh called the six-term Democrat a true friend to education.

"From standing up against private school vouchers to helping save teachers' jobs during the recession to opposing inflexible No Child Left Behind rules, he has been a champion for Utah teachers, parents and schoolchildren," she said in a statement.

Gallagher-Fishbaugh said Matheson’s support for local control of schools and curriculum, along with targeted federal investment without strings attached is important in Utah where school age populations continue to expand.

Matheson faces Republican challenger Mia Love, who currently serves as the mayor of Saratoga Springs.

Also Wednesday, Roll Call reported that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved $400,000 of TV advertising time for Matheson from Oct. 16 through Election Day.

In June, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced it intends to spend $948,000 for media ads targeting Matheson after Labor Day.

Dennis Romboy Twitter: dennisromboy