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Bill Murray returns to celebrate silver anniversary of Salt Lake Trappers’ record streak

SHARE Bill Murray returns to celebrate silver anniversary of Salt Lake Trappers’ record streak

SALT LAKE CITY — Funny man and former Trappers part-owner Bill Murray was in Salt Lake Thursday night.

No he wasn't filming a movie, nor was he crashing a karaoke party.

Murray was out celebrating with the 1987 Salt Lake Trappers, the team that shocked the baseball world with their improbable winning streak of 29-games.

"Yes it was great. It's still great. It has lasted all this time, so it's still fun," said Murray. "It's in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It's a one-time event. You know, minor league baseball, it was a dream. And for the moment to do something spectacular and win and to win the championship — it's unbelievable."

Being back at Spring Mobile Ballpark — Derks Field in 1987 — was almost shocking for Murray, who scanned the ballpark and mentioned all the changes he could notice.

"It's completely different. It was a rock pile when we got it," said Murray. "There wasn't a team here at the time. They didn't think we could make a go of it, and people were saying that we were going to fail desperately."

Murray was involved with the team during the '87 season, but didn't travel with the team for road games. Murray also commented that the season turned surreal with the streak and eventual championship.

"A majority of the season means you go on the road. We didn't go on the road very much that year, but we spent a lot of time putting it together in the beginning of '85 and '86. '87 was already fun, and then the streak got going and that got to be kind of silly. That got to be kind of delirium, you know, we'd be losing games and come back and win them." said Murray.

As the Trappers' streak continues to ride the 25-year high it has been on, Murray noted that the Trappers were 'rejects,' diamonds in the rough, if you will.

"They were rejected. We had 25 of them and we won 29 in a row including the championship," said Murray.

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