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Mystery of the missing backpacks solved

OGDEN — The mystery of 50 missing backpacks has been solved.

Michael Vaughan, provost and vice president of academic affairs at Weber State University, organized a donation for Catholic Community Services' annual Backpack Bonanza! Drive.

On Aug. 8, a man picked up the bags, but they never made it to the donation drive. No one knew who he was, or where he took the bags.

Police had surveillance video, but no one could identify the man.

After the story aired on KSL Ch. 5, a man called WSU and said he had the bags. He said he was with another charity that had asked for 50 plastic bags that it could use as grab bags for an event.

He was apparently sent over with little knowledge of what donation he was supposed to pick up. According to WSU spokesman John Kowalewski, the clerk asked the man if he was there for Vaughan, but the man didn’t hear him well and just answered in the affirmative.

The other charity was very apologetic. It returned the few remaining backpacks.

It appears to be a misunderstanding and no legal action will be sought.

Viviane Vo-Duc